Well, in my country businesses think that their Facebook page is enough online presence. And, many business owners may agree to that. But, is that enough?
According to many digital marketing experts, content is the king and some add that “hence, internet is a kingdom”. So, do you want to have a small “facebook room” in this kingdom or you want to have a website where you bring together all the social media parts.

With content being the king, business owners or marketing departments of businesses should keep up to date with related updates and keep writing in their blogs, sharing in their social media.

But, isn’t it confusing Facebook or Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest or which one should we use?? Use them all!

Facebook is good for sharing offers and keeping in touch with your audience through offers or milestones. Twitter is great for following trends and using them to advertise your product/business. Google+ is great for creating groups through circles where you can add your prospective clients, your clients and your established ones. Whereas Linkedin could be used to keep in touch with professionals from your field or your prospective business clients. Pinterest is a great social media to inspire you and your clients.

To recapitulate every business should be online with an appealing website where they integrate all their social media marketing and use their blog to keep up to date with today’s fast moving marketing updates. And your website is your castle in the internet kingdom and social media your walls and armies to find and keep citizens.