It is funny that we (and when I say we I mean my compatriots) always need someone from another nation/family, tell us how we should run our lives/work/politics. This is the general lesson I did learn in this year’s REDO conference.

Whereas other work related lessons we as a team did learn include different ways to get inspired i.e. Using Alphabet and getting a persona, event or team for each letter and do a design about it/him/them, or Using historic events, personalities or myths and design something related to them.

One of the presenters, Mika from¬†ABAKE studio¬†taught me how a great artist can present while improvising and being funny at the same time. He also reminded me of a great life lesson every goodwill has its weaknesses (if I may say it like this) and every weakness has its goodwill. You know the black and white “Japanese Ninja ICON” (no offense).

And finally and luckily I got to buy a great book from him, as a great gift for the lessons learned.