The so bespoken campaign of my country “the Young Europeans” had an interesting clash with the Global Entrepreneurship Week. A clash that was brought to debate yesterday in one of the ending events: Support for the young entrepreneurs held in American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Hearing a debate, whether youngsters should continue school or quit and pursue entrepreneurship, I was reminded of a quote from an elder friend: “The elders wake-up sick and go to bed healthy, whereas the young wake-up healthy and go to bad sick”. If we analyze this quote in respect to events and life in Kosovo. We can understand that the elders’ generation is happy to see a lot of youngsters in their nation. But, on the other side, we the youngsters are eager to make a living here but struggle a lot with barriers put by nepotism, corruption and negligence.

Anyhow, the event was about bringing entrepreneurial spirit up and YES the event was awesome we got to make a few contacts and we got to feel hope. We got to hear some success stories of Kosovar companies run by elders, as well as, youngsters.

Another part of the event was Startup Grind supported by Google, where Fisnik Ismajli from Karrota told us his story. An interesting and inspiring one, especially for us that are in the same field. I want to publicly thank Fisnik and Google for motivating me and my team to never back down.