Case Studies

Amateur Radio Association in Kosovo
SHRAK (Amateur Radio Association of Kosovo) is focused on developing and supporting radio amateurism (as a hobby) in Kosovo. Although, they’d been established in 2000, they did struggle with marketing issues when they came to us with a specific budget asking for a solution that would promote them domestically and internationally. What we did in cooperation with them was: adapting an academically appealing website (from AcademicaPro theme) that is connected to social networks. In this way SHRAK has a platform where they can promote themselves in the future. Other deliverables that came out of our cooperation were business cards, brochures, and a design of folders.
Lumi, a friend of ours, offers accounting solutions to SME-s. He had three start-ups, the last one being SMART PARTNERS. When he kick-started this last one he came to us with a deal. If we’d help him create a brand identity, he’d be willing to help us with accounting services for two months. He just gave us the name SMART PARTNERS and we started brainstorming on what we can do with that. We offered him a bunch of logos, that had minimal differences and he loved them all. But he chose the red one. As the red color is the most appealing one. Afterwards, we design business cards and elements for social networks and Lumi in return for a great co-operative project decided to give us a symbolic payment.
Molla e Gjelbert (Green Apple) was a start-up initially focused on selling fruits and vegetables to restaurants and coffee shops around Pristina with the ambition on offering delivery door-to-door. These two guys (one of them our friend) came to us with nothing but the idea and several names for their business. We helped them find the exact name and designed this simple logo and simple business card for them. The start-up failed after several months but our friend now has a small shop selling fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood.
Fresh, was another branding project for a small grocery store in Prishtina. Fresh is a small fruits & vegetables shop that offers almost every fruit and vegetable to the neighborhood. In this project, Simply Cherry was involved from the very beginning of this start-up. What we did in co-operation with the owner was find the location, designing the interior and exterior, designing its identity and flyers, which were spread around in the neighborhood. Fresh aims to spread around the city and we will always be in touch with the owner to assist him with our resources.

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