Who are we?

We are SimplyCherry, a bunch of creative individuals who believe in enjoying what they do, and doing it well. Established in 2012, we have been lucky enough to get involved in various projects in digital media, but always seeking to grow and go further.

Our work…

Our work ethics are based on simplicity. Hence, Simply Cherry over your business pie. We treat each project individually, giving them the character and unique identity they deserve, yet presenting it to our clients in the simplest way possible.

Why do we exist?

Why have a good business brand when you can have an awesome one! One day, we grew tired of seeing poorly designed logos and websites and decided to do something about it! We started a creative studio and took matters in our own hands, well, I mean pens and laptops and such…

We believe that creativity has no limits, so we never grow complacent of our creative solutions, always seeking to upstage ourselves on the work we continuously produce.

You name it, we design and develop it for you. Actually, we can name it for you too.
Oh look! That rhymes!

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